Sunday September 27, 2009 3:00pm An Afternoon with Fumie von Dehn – Designer and Collector of Kimonos

This event is hosted by Willem and Rosalie Stronck at 3670 Cameron Ave. Vancouver, B.C. V6R 1A2  Sunday September 27th 3:00pm
Admission $10. (All money goes to CSAA Programs.)
Only 20 chairs available. Standing audience is welcome. Please RSVP
Because of the limited space, we regrettably cannot invite young children to this event.

Long ScarfSONY DSC

Fumie will be giving a short talk on the history of the kimono and will describe how she is using this amazing material to make her clothing. She wants as many people as possible to realize how silk is used in many different ways in Japan, for example, how it is woven, how it is dyed, how it is worn and how long it can last.  She will also be selling kimonos, silk and her own unique pieces after the talk. Fumie hopes that this event will lead to a greater interest in silk and the kimono in Vancouver.

Fumie von Dehn started her career in fashion as a stylist for a TV company and other advertising companies in Japan. At the same time, she was also interested in cooking and eventually opened her own restaurant in the mid 1990’s. While running the restaurant, she started collecting vintage kimonos which sparked an interest in making her own clothing using the kimonos and other silk material that she acquired with her mother. She decided to close her restaurant and focused all her energies on making clothing. In 2000, she had a contract to sell her pieces with a popular boutique in Sendai, Japan. This continued until she came to Vancouver in 2004. She has since put on 4 different events promoting her fashion and kimono collection including a display she created for the Vancouver Opera. She recently returned from Japan with more silk and kimonos and has been busy creating a new collection haute couture pieces. She is thrilled that the Canadian Society for Asian Arts has generously offered to host a lecture and show for her work.

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