Exhibition: Year of the Water Dragon: Dragons & Dragon Boats

The dragon image remains a recognizable symbol, popularized by cultures across the globe and through the centuries. Its symbolic meaning shifts over time and place. In the East it is often revered as a symbol of fertility and good fortune; in the West, it often represents humankind’s primeval nature which must be subdued by bravery and discipline in order to gain a chosen treasure. Regardless of where and when the dragon form appears, it has always been characterized by a quality of immense power, it has captured our imagination as it challenges us to find its hidden meanings.

This exhibition celebrates dragons and dragon boating throughout the world and heralds the year 2012, which is, in the Chinese Zodiac, also the Year of the Dragon. The exhibit presents dragons in their myriad forms: in shapes traditional and contemporary, as respected icons and simple toys. The dragon’s manifestations are truly without number. Many of these artefacts have travelled to exhibitions across Canada, US and Asia.

January 5 – February 29
Tuesdays – Sundays

Location: Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver
578 Carrall Street

Part of Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Legacy Collection, exhibited at festivals over the years with the assistance from the Canadian Society for Asian Arts.